Ports has to be opened on the firewall for Ruckus ZoneDirector
Gepostet von Alexander Necker an 23 January 2015 15:55

Ports has to be opened on the firewall when Ruckus ZDs and APs are separated by Layer3 network.


(FireWall ports need to be open in front of the ZD)

TCP 443 - TR-069 & Web UI (config sync between ZDs when using Smart Redundancy)

TCP 33003 - Smart Redundancy

TCP 80 - if initial request to ZD WebGUI is via http

UDP 12222 - LWAPP data messages

UDP 12223 - LWAPP control messages

TCP 21 - AP upgrade (AP initiates port 21 PASV FTP connection - FW must be PASV FTP stateful)

UDP 18301 - SpeedFlex

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